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Talk about a mix bag of looks!  Decided to dress what I felt like, which consisted of Anime chic, gamer geek, grunge and Courtney Love!

How does a crack-head like Courtney get into this ouftit combination?  With bed hair, of course! To accentuate my messy hair I added in some Rockstar texture powder to give some volume and scruff.

Further more, this emotional/spontaneous/because-I-felt-like-it look cannot be complete with my Pikachu hoodie that I won off eBay!

Somehow this hodgepodge outfit surprisingly works altogether, don’t you think?  Actually, don’t answer that - I know this outfit works damn well!

i wanted this dress so badly… and just when i finally had the money to pay the taxes etc. its out of stock o(╥﹏╥)o